Hey guys, how’s it hanging? This cutesome twosome can’t get enough of their new kitty hammock!

Oh, to be a cat! Chin scritches and canned tuna on tap, no bills to pay, no work to do, just endless slothful bliss. Pretty much all a cat has to do to earn its keep is be fluffy, pleasantly plump, and occasionally affectionate. Think of all the work dogs have to do – all that butt sniffing, trick-learning, and stick fetching! Truly, cats have cornered the market on having a cushy life. And these particular pampered pusses relaxing in hammocks have us stuck halfway between envy and adoration!

When Twitter user kokonananya bought this cute kitty hammock for their feline overlord, they were expecting to be met with a cute scene like the one on the box. Instead, her puss seemed to prefer using the hammock as a sort of body swing!

Although it seems that puss soon got the hang of things.

And naturally, no good kitty worth their salt would ignore the very best part of a human’s material offering – the box!

This hammock’s strong enough for two! Purrfect for those communal naps.

Yep, this display of cosy kitty cuteness is nice and all, but we’re wondering how the owner is expecting to get any work done with a pair of pussies dangling in front of their computer monitor.

Hmm, we guess it’s a good way to keep ’em off your keyboard, at least…

Source: Grapee
Images: Twitter/@kokonananya