It’s a mesmerizing light show with every tap of the keys!

The future of computer keyboard technology rests in the hands of Japan. This has been made obvious by recent products like the floating letter keyboard that looks like the letters are being set free as you type and the futuristic projection keyboard that somehow works with just lights on a flat surface. Now, a new keyboard, set to be released by Japanese electronics company HKW on April 5, has cool new light-up features that are guaranteed to either increase your productivity (because you want to see the pretty light show) or decrease your productivity (because you want to see the pretty light show).

Japanese Twitter user @SAMEX_1u2y posted a video of the keyboard in use, and we can’t stop watching it. Every time they push a key, lights shoot outward to the left and the right, making it feel like you’re flying through hyperspace on the Millennium Falcon.

▼ “Look at this useless feature!! So distracting!! But so fun!!!!!”

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but at the very least it feels like a video game on your keyboard, which is pretty neat. Just watch as the lines of light shoot across the gadget! Imagine how cool (and distracting) it will look when you’re seriously typing something with both hands?

It’s not only entertaining, but functionally appealing too. It’s a mechanical keyboard, which means it’s likely quicker and more accurate to type with, and will probably last longer than your standard membrane keyboard. Plus, it’s got a typewriter like design, which feels satisfying to use, and makes a nice clicking noise!

Japanese netizens were also big fans:

“Where can I get it??”
“That’s damn cool!”
“I want this! hahaha But I can’t use it for work. My eyes will start hurting…”
“I want my school to install these keyboards hahaha”
“Oooooooooooooooooh….I want it!”
“This is too cool.”

This keyboard is not yet available for purchase, but you can pre-order it on Amazon Japan for 10,000 yen (US$93). Its LED light displays are customizable, allowing you to choose between nine different options, and to adjust the brightness and flashing speed of the illuminations. It boasts not only pretty lights and a satisfying typing click, but also a stylish facade, adjustable stand, and fade-resistant lettering.

The flashing lights are indeed mesmerizing and pretty, but we recommend not using this keyboard in the dark, lest we have another seizure epidemic like that one unfortunate Pokémon episode. Naturally, though, there are those who say the lights will hurt their eyes even in a well-lit room, and we can’t really fault them for that; for those readers, who might prefer a more down-to-earth feel to their office, we recommend the luxurious lawn-feel keyboard, instead.

Source, images: Twitter/@SAMEX_1u2y