Hit anime series continues winning over figures from the world of professional skating.

With its loving attention to the intricacies of a sport that’s not often represented in fiction, figure skating anime Yuri!!! on Ice has proven to be a big hit not only with skating enthusiasts, but with professional skaters as well. Perhaps the highest-profile supporter of the show is Russian skating wunderkind Evgenia Medvedeva, but Yuri!!! on Ice can also count two-time American Olympian Johnny Weir as another pro among its fans.

And it’s not just Yuri!!! on Ice’s story or animation that’s struck a chord with Weir, but its music as well, as evidenced by this recent tweet in which he shows off the CD he was playing in his Lexus for the day: the Yuri!!! on Ice soundtrack.

The snapshot doesn’t show which track was playing at the time, but Weir is apparently fond of “In Regards to Love: Agape,” the piece to which the anime’s supporting cast member Yuri Plisetsky performs a short program during the TV series. How do we know Weir likes this particular piece? Because he’s also shared a video of himself skating to “Agape,” artistically shot in monochrome.

Both of Weir’s social media posts have garnered dozens of happy responses from online commenters in a multitude of languages, reflecting the extensively international fanbase Yuri!!! on Ice has quickly acquired, and thanks to Weir, that fanbase has something to watch while waiting for the Yuri!!! on Ice theatrical feature to come out.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@JohnnyGWeir