Gari-Gari Kun

Japan’s favorite popsicle is changing the way it tastes and feels for first time in over 20 years

Garigari-kun apparently believes you can improve on perfection.

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Garigari-kun releases new tamagoyaki Japanese egg omelette flavoured popsicle

Designed to be enjoyed with a dollop of soy sauce or tomato ketchup.

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Japan’s greatest papercraft artist tackles popsicle boxes, makes an icy cool superhero

Garigari-kun, engage!

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Japanese man eats Garigari-kun popsicle in one bite, gets immediate, explosive brain freeze【Video】

Don’t try this trick at home!

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Pokémon ice creams appear in Japan ahead of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie

Gari Gari kun now comes in a special Pikachu variety for a limited time.

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10 awesome ice cream and popsicle brands to try when you’re in Japan

Consider this your treasure map to the wonders hiding in Japanese convenience stores’ cooler cases.

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Gari Gari Kun’s new “Rare Cheese” flavor popsicle is incredibly tasty

Because cheese makes anything taste ten times better.

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Gari Gari Kun finally releases a delicious specialty flavor frozen snack, we still don’t trust them

First came corn soup flavor in 2012. Although unusual, it did find itself a very strong fan base for its sweet yet somewhat savory taste uncharacteristic of ice candy such as Gari Gari Kun. In 2013, Gari Gari Kun’s makers rolled out potato stew flavor, upping the savoriness factor by including little rubbery bits of potato inside the ice cream. Earlier this year, Japan was surprised by the sudden release of a spaghetti flavored Gari Gari Kun that could best be described as eating an ice-cold hot dog covered in ketchup and dipped in a frosty glass of milk.

After this onslaught of increasingly odd flavors, the Japanese public wasn’t sure whether to trust the makers of Gari Gari Kun ever again with a new flavor. However, on 22 April they released a “cream puff flavor” that both looks and sounds fantastic. But can an already shell-shocked public trust that this relatively normal flavored ice pop is safe for consumption? We picked a few up to find out.

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Pasta-flavored popsicle with tomato gelatin coming soon to Japan

Gari-Gari Kun, arguably the best popsicle on the face of the earth, is no stranger to strange. The shaved ice-filled frozen treat from Japan has been served in a variety of weird flavors ranging from potato stew to Ultraman. Of course, Gari-Gari Kun also comes in more conventional flavors like kiwi and cola, but Akagi, makers of this fine dessert, never cease to provide wild new versions for those tired of normal. Just take a look at the company’s latest Gari-Gari Kun, which takes a cue from a savory italian dish: spaghetti napolitana.

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Helpful heatwave technology! New popsicle-shaped heatstroke detector!

It’s no secret that from the beginning of June, heatstroke can be a real danger in Japan. But what better way to stave off the sweltering summer temperatures than taking a bite out of a sweet, frozen popsicle? The most popular Japanese ice cream treat, Gari-Gari Kun, has a new promotional campaign to keep people safe during the height of summer–a special accessory that will warn you about potential heatstrokes. Best part is, it’s shaped just like this well-known ice-cream that everybody loves!

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A Candy Store Variety ‘Cream of Corn Soup’ Flavored Ice Cream Bar Fit for a Fancy Restaurant

If you give a kid a hundred yen to buy a treat on a hot summer’s day, he’ll most likely skip off to the candy store to buy himself a Gari Gari Kun, a very popular ice cream bar sold just about anywhere. It is also the preference of many dark jedi. The standard Gari Gari Kun (gari gari is the sound of ice being crunched or scratched, and kun is an informal address aking to ‘boy’) comes in blue packaging and is cream-soda flavored. When it comes to ice cream bars, why give up a good thing?

Because right now, there is a limited-edition cream of corn soup flavored Gari Gari Kun! Gari Gari Kun comes up with different flavored ice cream bars all the time, though they’re usually a special seasonal flavor, like grape or melon. Although there is no season to cream of corn soup, it would be safe to say that cream of corn soup is a standard ‘soup of the day’ for many fancy European restaurants.

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