Hokkaido farmers have developed a new fruit, the Lemon Melon, combining the best of both

Those who’ve tried it think it might be the perfect fruit for summer!

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Lemon & Cheese pies from McDonald’s bring some sunshine to the rainy season【Taste test】

And Spicy Chicken McNuggets bring the heat.

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Starbucks Japan’s new cake Frappuccino brings sunshine to our taste buds

Cheerful new limited-edition beverage parts the clouds on a rainy day.

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Japanese KitKats get a new regional flavour, straight from a Tokyo island

Plus, all the regional-exclusive KitKats get a revamp, giving them a whole new look. 

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Mister Donut’s new Angel Fruit series elevates angel cream doughnuts, takes taste buds to heaven

R.I.P. taste buds, it was nice knowing you. 

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Coca-Cola’s Lemondo canned cocktail gets a limited edition upgrade–and we got to try it first!

If you want to try out the new premium flavor, you’ll have to drink lots of regular Lemondos first!

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We try the new lemon yoghurt amazake cheese fermentation Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan

Fill your belly with the power of lactobacillus and the health benefits from a traditional Japanese fermented rice drink.

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Fanta Socata!? Now available exclusively from Japanese vending machines

New Japanese Fanta features a unique flavour from abroad.

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Starbucks adds new fermented Frappuccino to their menu in Japan

Starbucks’ first Frappuccino to combine Western and Japanese fermented ingredients.

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Pokémon ice creams appear in Japan ahead of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie

Gari Gari kun now comes in a special Pikachu variety for a limited time.

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Starbucks now has a Lemon Zest Macchiato, limited for sale at only nine locations in Japan

We try the new citrus-infused coffee that comes served in a set with chocolates and warm lemon milk.

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Gari Gari Kun’s new “Rare Cheese” flavor popsicle is incredibly tasty

Because cheese makes anything taste ten times better.

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Can fresh lemon neutralize spicy curry and ramen? RocketNews24 investigates! 【RocketScience】

We’re eating spicy curry and instant ramen then chompin’ on lemons, for science!

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Summer sweetness arrives at Krispy Kreme Japan as colorful watermelon and lemon shaped doughnuts!

The new summer offerings from Krispy Kreme Japan are not only mouth-watering, but also eye-popping as well!

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McDonald’s Japan set to roll out honey lemon shakes

Made with Japanese honey and lemons from the Seto Inland Sea region.

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A lemon has infinite vitamin C: unofficial joint study of Soft Drink Association, Twitter users

For some reason Japanese people love them some excessive amounts of vitamin C. Go to any convenience store or supermarket and your sure to find competing brands of drinks all loaded with the recommended daily intake of the stuff several times over.

But really, how many of us know off-hand what the daily recommended intake is? That’s why back in 2009 the Japan Soft Drink Association (JSDA) came up with a new labeling system that measures the amount of vitamin C added in units of lemons. I’m not sure how that actually makes it any clearer, but at least its something.

However, in the process it seems they have inadvertently created a formula that shows how a single lemon contains an infinite amount vitamin C.

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New snack sensation: super sour and certainly salty lemon flavour potato chips

Yep, it’s “weird potato chip flavour” time again! Hot on the heels of steak sandwich flavour, tangerine flavour, and banana and peach “breakfast chips”, we bring you… super sour lemon!

No doubt these crunchy potato slivers will be burning huge holes in our tongues when they go on sale and we immediately rush to satisfy our curiosity by guzzling several bags at once.

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Lemon or dirt flavored? Lemongina is the blue dress of the soft drink world 【Taste Test】

The French carbonated orange drink Orangina has been widely accepted in Japan as one of the top sodas. In fact Japanese beverage company Suntory now owns the beverage in all Asian and European markets.

So it was with great anticipation that Japanese consumers welcomed the new lemon flavor, dubbed Lemongina, on 31 March. However, that warm welcome lasted barely a few minutes as Twitter was flooded with complaints that the new drink “tastes like dirt.” This was followed shortly thereafter by a flood of complaints that it “doesn’t taste like dirt” when drunk after hearing that it did.

Had Suntory made a major blunder in their artificial flavoring, or is part of Japan undergoing mass hysteria? We headed down to the supermarket to find out.

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Fruity wieners spotted in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture! Available in “lemon” and “strawberry milk” flavors

The heartland of Japan is certainly becoming the envy of the nation with their recent offerings of unusual foods. First the crunchy sweet mushrooms of Chubu region turned heads on Twitter. Now out of Tochigi Prefecture, emerges fruit-flavored hotdogs!

What chemical witchcraft went into making these sticks of pork(?) colored and flavored like lemon and strawberry milk is a mystery, but they do look intriguing, and dare I say delicious?

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy: Our writer attempts to make salted lemon

Did you know that salty things have gotten really popular in Japan in recent years? The Japanese word for salt is shio, and these days you can find shio yakisoba (buckwheat noodles), shiokouji (a kind of condiment), shio nabe (hotpot), and the new fad shio tomato. And now it’s even extending into the world of sweets with shio vanilla ice cream and shio chocolate. I’ve had sea salt chocolate before, and I can tell you it’s actually much better than it sounds! The latest addition to the ranks of salty goodness is shio lemon, which you can make at home yourself with just two basic and obvious ingredients.

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