The “freshmaker” brings out a treat filled with gorgeous Japanese-style details.

The craze for matcha has spread around the globe in recent years, with the powdered green tea ingredient lending colour and health benefits to a variety of sweets and snacks.

Big names like McDonald’s, Krispy KremeStarbucksOreo, and HäagenDazs and have all taken a ride on the matcha flavour train, and joining them on the journey this year is the famous brand of chewy mints, Mentos.

For their first venture into the world of powdered green tea, Mentos has created a sweet candy that contains a deliciously mild bitterness. Its three-layered structure, consisting of soft candy wrapped in hard candy, which is then finished off with a smooth, sugar coating, is said to take your tastebuds from sweet to bitter flavours effortlessly.

While a lot of thought has gone into creating a perfectly balanced blend of bittersweet flavours for the new candy, a similar amount of time and effort has been put into its packaging. Using green and gold tones, the wrapper has a distinctly Japanese look, with an image of a bowl of green tea being whisked, like at a formal tea ceremony, and a traditional pattern printed behind the brand logo.

At the heart of the new sweet is the luxuriously rich taste of green tea. Having this earthy tone featured as a Mentos flavour is something we never thought to consider before, but now that we’ve seen it, we can’t wait to find out what it tastes like!

The Matcha Mentos will go on sale for 100 yen (US0.90) at stores around the country from 12 June.

Source: Entabe
Featured image: Kracie