Looking nipple-less may just be the next fashion trend.

Japanese sports goods retailer Dot Store has recently seen a massive demand in one of their items: men’s nipple covers. Sales this year has surpassed the previous, with more than 55,000 units already sold.

A 2013 study revealed that up to 84 percent of people find nipples poking through shirts to be utterly repulsive — understandable since staring right into someone’s personal headlights can hurt the eyes. Especially during a meeting or a date, it can be a huge turn off… unless you’re into that kind of thing.

▼ Having those two popping out can
apparently ruin your chances with women.

For those who have outstanding and stubborn nipples, this may be the solution for you. These water-resistant ISO-certified nipple covers are colorless and transparent, designed to keep your two peaks inconspicuous even when wearing thin clothing in the heat of summer.

▼ Is this the new sexy?

▼ Application is a simple and painless process according to this video.

Aside from fashion, the covers also prevents “jogger’s nipple”, a condition where a marathon runner’s nipples rubbing against clothing causes abrasion. Naturally, it’s dreadfully painful when this results in soreness or even bleeding, so athletes are sure to find these covers useful.

Whether the recent surge in sales is attributed to new fashion trends or increased sports injury awareness remains a mystery. All we know is that be it nipple covers or breakthrough white T-shirt technology, Japan’s never-ending quest for nipple concealment continues.

Source: Dot Store via Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/株式会社dot
Insert images: @press