If you were lucky yesterday, you got some chocolate. If you were really lucky, you got some of this chocolate!

As you likely already know, Valentine’s Day was on Sunday — and that means lots of (but not all…) men in Japan got chocolate! Yes, in Japan, it is common for women to give men chocolate, though on White Day on March 14, the roles are reversed, so it’s not totally one-sided.

Unless, of course, one of the people giving chocolate pull out all the stops and offer some home-made chocolate like some of these people did. Here are a few of the best home-made chocolates that appeared online this Valentine’s Day. Our favorite is, without a doubt, these Han Solo Alfort chocolates!

▼ Note that @Tsuru1T2 even made a Han Solo cover. Now that is dedication!

We also loved these Splatoon chocolates. They’re not quite Han Solo-frozen-in-carbonite, but they are pretty cool!

▼ Splatoon chocolate

Of course, not all the home-made chocolate this Valentine’s Day was produced by humans. As this photo clearly demonstrates, lapin chocolatiers are amazing.

▼ Dessert and snuggles!

And it seems the regular animals weren’t the only ones making sweets this year — some Pokémon even got in on the action.

▼ Who wouldn’t want to get chocolate form Swadloon, Eevee, and Goomy?






Reina Sumi isn’t a cute animal or a Pokémon, but she is an announcer for TV Tokyo. And having despite what we would imagine is a very hectic schedule, she still decided to make cookie bears holding chocolates for Valentine’s Day! We would have liked to be on the receiving end of these tasty treats, even though she claims they didn’t come out as planned in the tweet below.

▼ Don’t worry, Reina! We’ll eat anything you’re planning to throw away!




This next entry is a bit more on the cookie side than the chocolate site, but we don’t think anyone is going to complain — especially if they get to nibble on Anpanman’s face!



▼ Maybe more like Anpan-hexagon


And finally, here’s a piece of Detective Conan chocolate that’s almost too pretty to eat.




We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and got lots of chocolate. And even if you didn’t, you can still rest easy knowing you’re our valentine every day of the year!

Sources: Naver Matome, Hamusoku, Hana yori Dango Koryaku Kenkyu
Top image: Twitter/@Tsuru1T2

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