Realistically, it was only a matter of time before the Internet gave birth to POOP.

Japanese model Jun Amaki has ingeniously invented the next spinoff of the now world-famous PPAP by Japanese comedian Piko-taro using nothing but a couple of pens and her well endowed upper body. You can see the work of art here:

Some online are questioning whether Jun has mistaken the word POOP for BOOB, and have even politely informed her on Twitter what POOP actually means in English.

▼ POOP is unchi (うんち) in Japanese.

In any case, this new video is clearly the work of a genius with the original PPAP lyrics cleverly being transformed to include a highly celebrated female body part.

The 21-year-old seems to have made the most of her body shape through her modeling and even making regular TV appearances – which strangely all seem to focus on her… huge personality.

▼ Jun wowing TV audiences with her… giant sense of humor.

▼ Jun showing off her POOPs.

So far there’s been a plethora of PPAP spin-offs and there seems to be no end in sight. We’ve seen Ryuk from the Japanese anime Death Note perform PPAP and even an Indian dance group. The Japanese band WHITE JAM went so far as to create a love song out of PPAP.

And even Piko-taro himself has ventured into spin-off territory with his very own “PLLP” (Pen Lemon Lemon Pen).

Where do you think Jun Amaki’s PPAP version ranks on the charts?

Source: Twitter/@jun_amaki
Featured image: Twitter/@jun_amaki