Although presumably created at great expense and effort.

Technology, the panacea of our times. From harvesting and processing the food to feed the world’s billions, to the maglev trains that may whip us about in the none-too-distant future and the Internet that allows us to keep up-to-date with the latest events near instantaneously (and keep us supplied with images of cats and breasts, sometimes together). But now, surely we have entered an even more amazing age of technology, with the invention of a machine to carefully and safely cut open CD packaging.

Who hasn’t found themselves sitting with a pile of newly-bought multiple copies of the same CD bemoaning the ever-so-slightly annoying task of removing the plastic wrapping that awaits us? Now, our salvation is at hand. Witness the splendour invented by Japanese YouTuber AKBHunahpu (although you may want to turn the sound off to avoid the repetitive voice).

Hard as it is to believe, there may be some out there reading this article who don’t buy multiple copies of the same CD, so some explanation is necessary. Unlike much of the West, physical copies of music still sell in Japan, where music CDs are not just about the music. Idol singers often have special promotions in which every CD purchase can give you a chance to meet your favourite singer or get your mitts on some special limited goodies. In the case of die-hard fan idol fan AKBHunahpu, every CD allowed him a single vote in this year’s AKB48 General Election, and he was willing to spend a huge sum of cash in order to stuff the ballot box.

AKBHunahpu cast his votes for NMB48’s Ririka Suto (also known as Riripon) who this year managed to just make it into the top 20 at the final awards show where she stole some of winner Rino Sashihara’s thunder by announcing her engagement. Could this amazing device have edged Riripon into the top twenty and into married life? The creator must be simultaneously celebrating and kicking themselves.

▼ The lucky lady herself, announcing her good news

This isn’t the first time technology has been put to skewing idol voting. In 2015, another idol fan, YouTuber moTTan もったん, was also putting technological innovation to use to put his favourite idol ahead in the 41st AKB48 General Election, as seen in the following video.

Democracy, or at least a lazy approximation of democracy, in action.

Source: Youtube/AKBHunahpu, Youtube/moTTan
Top image: Youtube/AKBHunahpu