Looking at round breasts and furry felines is said to generate maximum feelings of pleasure.

Beautiful women have been capturing everyone’s attention on the Internet for years now, but if there’s one thing that can draw our eyes away from them for a moment, it’s the feline species.

Their immense popularity has now inspired a photo book in Japan that lets us rest our gaze on both cats and cleavage at the same time.

The 96-page B5-sized book is called “Painyan“, which is a play on the Japanese words for breasts (oppai) and the meow of a cat (nyan). According to the tagline, “Men lose control in front of breasts, but cats keep their composure“.

This theme of cats being oblivious to the powers of a woman’s breast, unlike their human overlords, can be seen throughout the photo collection.

The relaxed demeanour of these kitties, combined with the soft curves of a woman’s body they can be seen cuddling up to, is said to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience.

The unusual concept was devised by cat-loving photographer Yuki Aoyama, who’s no stranger to grabbing attention with his photo collections. Aoyama is most well-known for his ‘Schoolgirl Complex’ series, which captures pictures of uniformed girls in Japan and Taiwan, taken from the perspective of a teenage boy.

This latest collection of works from the photographer concentrates solely on cats and breasts, and in some of the pictures, the cats are so beguiling they steal the show.

The Painyan photo book went on sale on 31 May and can be purchased from Amazon Japan for 1,404 yen (US$12.77).

To see more work from the photographer, check out his website or take a look here for a peek at his hilarious Flying Has Changed My Life – Solaryman photo book, which shows salarymen “flying” on the streets of Japan.

Source: Net Lab
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