My Little Pony manga artists tell story set in ancient Japan with dragons.

The manga artist duo Akira Himekawa (Zelda, My Little Pony) announced at their Anime Expo panel on Monday that they are creating a new manga called Kamdo (Kaze no Kamudo). With this manga, they are returning to their roots when they drew fantasy stories more influenced by Asian history and mythology (as opposed to Zelda).

The story is set between Japan’s Jōmon period which started 15,000 years ago (when Mt. Fuji was still an active volcano) and the Yayoi period which saw the introducing of rice for cultivation. In this manga, the transition of eras led to the rise of humans over the other species and half-breeds.

Besides humans, the series will feature dragons or dinosaurs. The main character Kamuna (pictured above) is a friend of the dinosaurs of the era. There will be shaman medicine men similar to those in Native American traditions.

Images: Anime News Network

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