What better way to remember your stay in the U.S. than with a heart attack?

The staff on the Japanese side of SoraNews24 is no stranger to extreme cheeseburger challenges. So when one of our Japanese reporters had the opportunity to travel to the U.S., he knew he had to try out the home of one of the most legendary cheeseburger challenges: Fatburger.

The restaurant chain has over 200 locations in 20 countries, but it was started in Los Angeles. So if any place was going to have the biggest, fattest burger, it was in the chain’s home country, and our reporter Ahiru Neko stopped by a branch in Las Vegas.

Ahiru Neko is no stranger to food challenges, having eaten a chicken sandwich so hot he had to sign a consent form and had a piping-hot crepe dumped on his face before. So once again, it was time to prove his skills.

▼ The outside of the restaurant. Even the lettering is fat!

▼ Inside is a wall of all the locations Fatburger has taken over.

▼ But enough sightseeing! Time to order.

Since Ahiru Neko had come all the way to America from Japan, he had to at least try to conquer a Fatburger while he was here. The were four sizes to choose from: original, large, XXL, and XXXL. Of course, the choice was obvious: the 1.5-pound (700-gram), 1668 to 2050-calorie XXXL Fatburger!

▼ When he ordered the XXXL, the cashier asked skeptically:
“Are you sure you can handle this?” To which he responded: “No problem.”

After ordering, the burger was cooked fresh right away.

While waiting, Ahiru Neko took the time to admire the all-you-can-drink free-refill area. What a country.

His heart was pounding while he waited; it was probably only going to pound harder once he gorged himself on a single 2000-calorie burger.

And finally, it came!

▼ It’s almost as tall as his smartphone!

The XXXL Fatburger was three thick patties, huge globs of cheese, plus all the fixings. For Ahiru Neko, it encapsulated America in burger-form.

The first bite was intimidating… but delicious. The juicy meat, savory cheese, soft buns, and everything else came together in an incredibly satisfying way.

Each of the three patties individually was the size of a normal burger. Could Ahiru Neko channel his inner strength and defeat the might colossus?!











Unfortunately, no. Here’s his surrender speech in his own words:

“Give up, please. I’m so, sorry. USA is too strong.
I’m in trouble. Sorry, sorry. Thanks. Goodbye.”

Never before has there existed a man so broken. Although he did admit that attempting the challenge right after his 10-hour flight from Tokyo to America was probably not the best idea, and if he’d been in his usual peak, non-jet-lagged form, then maybe he could’ve defeated the Fatburger after all.

▼ Still, a man of honor, Ahiru Neko paid
his respects to the worthy opponent.

▼ …until he realized that putting his head on
the sizzling summer sidewalk was not a good idea.

It seems as though Ahiru Neko will get his chance at a rematch though, as Fatburger is slated to open their first store in Tokyo this November. If he’s hoping to fare better next time, then he’d do well to practice with a couple of 2.2-pound burgers at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo Hotel.

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Images: ©SoraNews24
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