Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a Bulbasaur Broccoli McFlurry, but the new dessert looks equally amazing.

Just last week McDonald’s announced that they would be creating a brand new McFlurry styled in the image of one of the following six pocket monsters, each containing a unique character flavour: Charmander (habanero), Pikachu (chocolate banana), Squirtle (sparkling Ramune soda), Jigglypuff (white peach), Bulbasaur (broccoli), and Gengar (purple potato).

To help drum up excitement for the new release, McDonald’s asked customers to guess which Pokémon would be the one to have a McFlurry created in their honour, and now, they’ve revealed exactly which pocket monster that will be.

▼ Say hello to the Pikachu Chocolate Banana McFlurry.

Chocolate and banana are the perfect ingredients to match the brown-and-yellow colouring of the electric pocket monster, and the blend of fruit and cocoa flavours in the new dessert look like they’re going to be absolutely delicious.

Chocolate and banana will make an appearance in both the sauce and as crunchy pieces, which will be blended throughout the creamy base of the McFlurry. And to top it all off, there will be a total of six adorable Pikachu containers to collect.

Available for 290 yen (US$2.55) at McDonald’s outlets around the country from 14 July to 10 August, we’ve got just under a month to catch ’em all.

So what will these taste and look like in the real world? Watch this space, as we’ll be heading down to McDonald’s as soon as these are released to find out!

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan