After a seven-year hiatus, the popular chocolate brand is teaming up with the fast food giant for a limited time. 

If there’s one thing McDonald’s excels at more than flipping burgers, it’s marketing. From their unusual gold fries prize contests to the curiously named Adult Cream Pie, the fast food giant knows just how to turn heads and get everyone flocking to the golden arches time and time again.

Now lines of customers will be forming at the arches for a new offering that’s just been announced, and this time it’s a special limited-time McFlurry that’s returning after a seven-year absence.

The KitKat McFlurry was first launched nationwide in 2007, and though well received, it was relegated to the wings after its short run, making way for new players like Pikachu and Gudetama to shine on centre stage as the star of McFlurry releases over the years.

Now it’s time for the KitKat McFlurry to finally step into the spotlight once again, and this time it’ll be appearing in specially branded KitKat cups.

The frozen dessert is said to contain a sweet mix of soft ice cream, finely crushed KitKats, and a special sauce made with couverture chocolate. The distinctive KitKat flavour and texture is said to be front and centre in this release, with its crispy wafers providing a delightful contrast to the smooth chocolate sauce and rich, soft cream.

The new McFlurry will make its debut on 12 February with a special commercial starring 20-year-old Moe Kamikokuryo, a Japanese idol and singer who’s currently a member of girl group ANGERME.

The ad is also set to star Japanese actor Takayuki Hamatsu, who plays the role of an examiner in a tense exam room with Kamikokuryo. He formally introduces the new KitKat McFlurry as if it’s an exam paper, before calling out “Begin!”, which prompts the examinees to start eating the McFlurry that was handed to them.

The new KitKat McFlurry will retail for 290 yen (US$2.64) at McDonald’s outlets around the country for a limited time from 12 February until early March.

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan press release
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