We’re very much looking forward to eating you, Piplup!

Late last year, one of Tokyo’s most famous souvenir brands, Tokyo Banana, surprised us all with a Pokémon tie-up that featured beloved Pocket Monster Pikachu.

The new sweet morphed Pikachu into the brand’s familiar banana shape, and it proved to be such a hit that they followed up with another crowd favourite, Eevee, a month later.

Now, almost a year after their first Pokémon tie-up, it’s time to welcome another friendly face to the fold — and our stomachs — with the announcement that Piplup will now be joining the team!

As with previous collections, the new range will feature the star Pokémon pulling a variety of expressions, and for this instalment, the cheeky Piplup will appear in one of six different poses: “Sitting Piplup”, “Soundly Sleeping Piplup”, “Winking Piplup”, “Cheery Piplup”, “Crying Piplup” and “Bubble Beam Piplup”.

Out of all of them, the Bubble Beam Piplup is said to be the hardest to find, appearing only occasionally as there aren’t as many of them being made. It’s the first time for a Pokémon to show off one of its moves on a Tokyo Banana sweet, as Pikachu and Eevee showed their tails instead, so we’ll definitely be ripping off the packaging in hopes of catching a Bubble Beam Piplup!

The packaging shows Piplup posing as one of the six designs available, but you won’t be able to know which design you’ve received until you open the pack.

▼ Each pack contains two snacks, so you’ll have to purchase at least three if you’re trying to catch ’em all!

Tokyo Banana sweets are small, banana-shaped sponge cakes filled with buttermilk-flavoured banana custard cream, and while they’re delicious when eaten as-is, the makers also suggest storing them in the refrigerator for a cold snack or heating them in the microwave for a flavour that’s like French Toast.

The Piplup Tokyo Banana will be released on 2 October at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, followed by 7-Eleven stores in northern Japan a week later. From 16 October, 7-Eleven stores in central Japan will be stocking the range, before the nationwide rollout is complete with 7-Elevens in southern Japan selling them from 23 October.

The sweets will be priced at 291 yen (US$2.80) per pack, and once the rollout at 7-Elevens around Japan is complete, there’s a good chance the Piplup sweets will become available at the permanent Pokémon Tokyo Banana specialty shop inside Tokyo Station.

Source, images: PR Times
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