This beautifully presented gift set is all fun and no carbs!

Diaper cakes have had their time in the limelight as the gift to give to expecting mothers for their cute presentation and practicality, because of course, all babies need diapers.

Well, if you’re wanting to step up your game and give an even more creative gift that gives to both baby and mum, then you’ll want to give the next mom-to-be in your life a tray of Diaper Sushi!

The first Diaper Sushi (or Omutsu-Zushisets that went on sale in 2013 came in square takeout-like boxes, but the most recent sets that went on sale this past week – the “Takumi” version – comes in a real, traditional sushi-oke bowl, handcrafted by artisans from cedar wood. In the bowl comes 15 pieces of “sushi”, with each piece made from a diaper as the sushi rice, topped with a handy household item to resemble the sushi topping.

Some of the clever sushi “toppings” include: a special face cloth produced in Imabari City disguised as maguro tuna, an ice pack as salmon roe, a standing scrub brush as tempura shrimp, baby socks as various sushi rolls, and a microfiber duster as sea urchin sushi.

The high quality cedar wood sushi-oke bowl is crafted by skilled artisans from a long-standing shop based in Tokushima Prefecture, and can be used for serving real sushi at home once the diaper sushi have been removed. Also included in the sushi set is a soft baby rattle in the shape of local Tokushima mascot Shishamo Neko, or Smelt Cat – a character with the head of a cat and the body of a shishamo smelt.

The Diaper Sushi gift set costs 15,555 yen (US$137.24) and offers free shipping within Japan. If you are outside of the country, you can check out their English website for international shipping options. While the newest “Takumi” version doesn’t seem to be available through the English site at this time, other Diaper Sushi arrangements are still available.

Source, images: Wire Mama
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