Perfect for aspiring breast researchers.

Japanese Twitter has taught us much when it comes to drawing the female anatomy. We’ve seen everything from drawing thighs to panties before, but surprisingly we haven’t yet gotten a primer on the most-often-ogled body part: breasts.

Thankfully Japanese Twitter user @tybys50_50 has put an end to that with a recent post that gives tips on drawing six different types of breasts, as well as discussing the advantages of each.

Here’s the original tweet:

“My breast research. I drew them all around F-cup size.
My conclusion: just draw the breasts that you like!” (Translation below.)

(Left to right)

1) Breasts drawn with gravure pictures as reference. Just draw a line for one side, and have the other side droop a bit. Even though they look realistic, they might not be enough for some people. Depending on how they’re painted though, they might be the most erotic of all types?

2) Breasts drawn with erotic pictures as reference. They’re big, soft-looking, and heavy-looking. Don’t worry about bikinis or pads, just try to show their natural texture. The cleavage should go almost up to the collarbone.

3) Breasts full of dreams. They’re round! Big! Draw them with those feelings in mind. They’re perky and have a good spring to them. Not very realistic, but lots of people like them.

And of course, the small-breast sequel:

“The small breast version. Not sure if it’s ‘research’ now since these are
my favorite. Just draw the breasts you like!”
(Translation below.)

(Left to right)

1) THE flat chest. Show the slight, loose bulges with no lines, just a little shadow. If you get too greedy and draw lines, then they’ll end up looking like pecs.

2) Somewhat flat-chested. Since there’s not much cleavage, don’t really draw a line, just use shadows to give a sense of roundness. They’re perky and give a sense of youth.

3) Greedy breasts. When your desire to draw a flat chest and big-breast cleavage crash together. If you’re going to give them that much roundness, push them together to give solid cleavage.

That is some serious breast research! Japanese Twitter was quick to express both their gratitude and their own opinions on the matter:

“I see! So that’s what breasts full of dreams look like.”
“I disagree. The big ones are full of fat, the small ones are full of dreams.”
“Wow, I learned a lot. Thanks!”
“The ‘greedy breasts’ remind me of old women at the onsen.”
(In response) There are some people who like them and draw them that way, but personally I just always want them pushed together a bit more.”
“They’re all wonderful.”

And if you want to add some panty-knowledge to your newfound breast-knowledge, then check out the periodic table of panties… for panty-science!

Source: Twitter/@tybys50_50 via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@tybys50_50