The best way to cool down this summer when steam won’t stop pouring off your body.

Watermelon is a favorite summer treat in Japan, as it is in many parts of the world. “Watermelon smashing” with baseball bats and blindfolds is a part of many Japanese beach parties, and we even recently saw Japanese people get creative with watermelon by starting the “watermelon dress” trend on social media.

But now Japanese Twitter user @bashauma_ has taken watermelon to the next level by showing off an incredible work of watermelon art she created: the head of the Colossal Titan from anime Attack on Titan (click pictures to enlarge).

“My son likes Attack on Titan, so I made this while looking at a picture! It’s a face well-suited to a watermelon, though I don’t know if I want to eat it anymore.”

“I cut out the innards of the Attack on Titan watermelon and we ate it. It was delicious. Then, well, my son did what boys have to do in these kinds of situations.”

That is some seriously impressive watermelon art! I have to say, I never imagined a watermelon as being the perfect canvas for a titan face, but it works almost too well.

I guess some people just have a gift for looking at something and seeing the masterpiece hidden inside… even if that masterpiece they’re seeing is a giant monster inside a piece of fruit.

It seems as though this isn’t @bashauma_’s first foray into the world of watermelon art though. As a fan of the anime Free! she also created this below on June 30, the birthday of Haruka Nanase, the main protagonist:

▼ Haru is looking less angsty and more
mermaid-y on his birthday watermelon!

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to the watermelon works of art:

“That’s amazing!”
“I would still run away from that Titan if I saw it.”
“It’s so detailed. Incredible work!”
“The quality on this is just too high. I squeaked when I saw it.”
“That mom’s skill with the knife is on par with Captain Levi!”
“Now it’s the humans’ turn to eat a Titan.”

Of course all that’s very impressive and everything, but we just have one question: is it possible to carve a Colossal Titan face into square watermelon bread too?

Source: Twitter/@bashauma_ via Twicolle
Featured image: Twitter/@bashauma_