There is, obviously, an unending supply of anime available for your viewing pleasure in Japan. Whether you want giants, cyborgs, or balls from dragons, there’s something for everyone. But one of the most popular shows right now is the high-school-idol series Love Live!. The anime has proven so popular, it even inspired a bizarre recruiting tweet from the Japan Self-Defense Forces last year and this massive back-piece tattoo earlier this summer.

Recently, a main character of the show, Honoka, had her birthday, and a dedicated Japanese Twitter user’s mother carved this surprisingly detailed piece of watermelon art in celebration.

Though it’s not quite as awkward as some of the photos tweeted on the birthday of Reiner from Attack on Titan, this photo does show just how dedicated some fans of the series can be. We can’t imagine how much patience it took to craft this nearly perfect piece of watermelon art…

▼More time than we would have been willing to give up…

“Happy birthday, Honoka-chan! This birthday watermelon was carved for you. (By my mother! LOL) #lovelive”

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you have to admit that this is some pretty damn good work. We’re really starting to wish more folks in Japan took up pumpkin carving during Halloween–we bet we’d see some amazing jack-o-lanterns.

Japanese commenters were delighted by the watermelon art.

“This is amazing! You can really feel the craftsmanship that went into this.”

“Is this the true power of stay-home-mothers?”

“I tip my hat to this mother!”

“Wow!! She’s a high-spec mother!”

“This is the work of an absolute pro!”

“Oh, what a waste! Now you can’t eat the watermelon.”

Sigh. Some people just can’t appreciate good art, can they?

We’re a little late this year, but if you’re in the mood for celebrating Honoka’s birthday, you could always buy yourself some presents. We’re sure she’d want you to have some Love Live! goods like this smartphone cover, a new pair of shoes, or this incredible (and slightly insane) car! And if you’re thinking Love Live! is too childish for a mother to be enjoying, well, we’re sure Mr. Tomoyuki Oka might have a few choice words for you, like “punch” and “spine breaking.”

Source and image: Hamusoku