Tokyo Auto Salon

The beautiful booth models of Tokyo Auto Salon 2019【Photos】

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato heads to Japan’s largest tuner car show, but it’s his friend who’s really enjoying himself.

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Mr. Sato gets invited out to dinner by seven beautiful models, struggles to speak intelligibly

Our crack reporter finds himself the guest of honor at a party with models from the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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The lovely booth ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018【Photos】

Mr. Sato heads to Japan’s biggest tuner car event, where he finds out why one booth had its models wearing scarves.

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The Mr. Sato car applies to join Japan’s largest custom car event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

A car with your own face plastered on every inch of the body is the epitome of a “customized car.” How could they refuse?

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The booth girls of Tokyo Auto Salon 2016【Pics】

We hear there are also customized cars at the event, but somehow our eyes were drawn elsewhere.

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Mr. Sato goes to Tokyo Auto Salon 2015, forgets to take photos of the cars…

While Japan makes some rather unique cars, itasha aren’t the only custom cars in the country. From oni-kyan wheels for drifting to Chibatman, it sometimes seems like half of the vehicles in the country have been modified to extremes. But to get an idea of just how popular custom cars are in Japan, you’d need to head to Tokyo Auto Salon, which saw nearly 300,000 attendees last year!

This year, not wanting to miss out on all the fun, our brave Mr. Sato donned his most garish, chinpira outfit and headed down to look at some cars…and the women who get paid to stand next to them.

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