There’s nothing like ending the best years of youth with a memorable photo shoot.

The highlight of high school years varies for everyone, but for many of us, it’s either prom or the creation of the graduation yearbook that takes the cake. Prom may be the event that leaves the most prominent memories, but it is the yearbook that remains in physical form for years to come, so it is understandable that students put in effort in creating the most fun-filled yearbook to mark the end of their high school lives.

And when it comes to making yearbooks, photographs are a must! Without photographs, we won’t be able to pull out our yearbook some thirty years down the road, look back in time and have a good laugh at how awkward we used to look in the prime of our teens.

Getting a new haircut is perhaps as far as some of us would go to look good for our graduation photos, but the students of Uijeongbu High School in South Korea have bigger plans for their yearbook photoshoot.

It’s cosplay! Ranging from fictional characters to famous personalities to non-living things, these South Korean high school students have gone all out to make their graduation album the most memorable one they can. Did you recognize any of the characters they dressed up as?

▼ They’re not fully dressed, but we’re guessing that’s Saitama and the Colossal Titan in one shot!

▼ We wonder if these kids will be able to recognize themselves a few decades later…

▼ Everybody’s favourite, SaltBae.

It’s a pity we don’t get to see how the photos turned out, but we’re guessing they must have done fabulous work against the green screen!

Did you have any fun creating your high school graduation yearbook? Perhaps it’s a good time to dig out your yearbook and take a trip down memory lane!

Source, images: Facebook/의정부시