Enjoy the circle of life in your own home.

Imagine this: you get a fish tank. You look forward to feeding it every morning. You change the water when you’re supposed to. But after a while, you start to dread the tasks. The tank gets dirty and becomes a breeding ground for algae. Your fish dies.

Then imagine this: you get a new house plant. You water it every day. You make sure it gets sunlight. But after a while, you forget to water it. It dries up. Your plant dies.

With the AquaSprout SV though, you can take care of your fish- and plant-related problems. It’s a fish tank and planter all in one. The fish swim below the plants you plant above. This 45-centimeter (17.7-inch) piece of eco-friendly technology doesn’t require you to change the fish tank water or to water your plants.

▼ Here’s a video showing AquaSprout SV’s concept.

How does it work? A pumping mechanism flushes out waste created by your little fish friends, and then feeds that waste (along with water from the fish tank) to the plants in the planter above. The plants naturally turn the fish waste into nutrition that keeps them both watered and healthy.

▼ The circle is complete.

The AquaSprout SV is actually a renewal of the product sold in 2015, originally priced at 34,800 yen (US $315). However, by purchasing a ticket on Mirai Shopping’s website, you can get the AquaSprout SV for just 10,800 yen. Tickets will be sold until September 30, 2017, or until their stock of 600 tanks runs out.

The AquaSprout SV is a great way to learn about how plants and fish live, how to recycle, and how to live in a way that’s just a little more environmentally friendly. The most important thing to remember about the AquaSprout SV, though? It doesn’t feed your fish. Please don’t forget to feed your fish. Or else they might eat each other.

Source, images: Mirai Shopping
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