Two popular idol singers held up as example of differing preferences between sexes.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes, due to their different perspectives, men and women essentially see the world through different eyes. With that in mind, it’s time for another round of one of Japanese Twitter’s favorite questions: Girl on the Left, or Girl on the Right?

Japanese Twitter user @kapuodi recently tweeted a snapshot of two young ladies, along with the assertion “On the right: the body type women like. On the left: the body type men like.”

The women in the photo were quickly identified as being members of idol group Nogizaka46, with Karin Ito on the left and Junna Ito (no relation) on the right.

As professional entertainers, it sort of goes without saying that they’re both considered attractive by most people in Japan. But @kapuodi holds that, between the two, curvier Karin is more likely to grab the appreciative male gaze, while the more willowy Junna is considered to have a desirable build by more women.

There were some online reactions from men who chimed in to say that they preferred Junna’s more svelte physique. Still, the 93,000-plus retweets and over 210,000 retweets @kapuodi’s hypothesis has racked up suggest that a lot of people agree with him. This isn’t the first time Japanese Twitter has delved into the topic of men preferring dynamic proportions and women leaning towards slender aesthetics, with one commenter taking the concept to its extreme by applying it to vegetables.

“Left: the body type men prefer [daikon radishes]. Right: the body type women prefer [burdock root].”

Of course, though men and women may have different perspectives and mainstream tastes, this same concept can be applied in reverse.

“On the right: the body type women like. On the left: the body type men admire.”

It’s also worth noting that more than a few men chimed in on @kapuodi’s tweet contrasting the two idols to say they’d be thrilled to be with a woman of either figure, which is probably an accurate representation of how most guys would feel in anything but a hypothetical situation.

Source: Twitter/@kapuodi via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso