The reason may not be as perverted as we all think. 

There are many preconceived notions about otaku in Japan, which usually focus on their tendency to fall in love with 2-D idols or their obsession with anime and women’s breasts.

These types of stories can make it difficult for an otaku to be truly accepted by society, and it can make it even harder for them to find love in the dating world, especially when their typically shy and quiet demeanours can be misconstrued by people around them.

So now, here to set everyone straight about one stereotypical otaku character trait is Twitter user @tknukvich, who would like to address the reason why some otaku are said to have a tendency to look at women’s breasts. 

“‘Otaku are looking at women’s breasts’ might be a statement that’s somewhat true, but “Otaku can’t look at women in the eye so their gaze drops, and that’s where women’s breasts happen to be’ is a more correct statement.”

According to @tknukvich, the reason why otaku might look at women’s breasts has little to do with them being perverted, and more to do with the fact that they’re so timid they find it difficult to look women in the eye. 

People online applauded the statement, leaving comments like:

“This is so true! Although my gaze tends to lie around the neck area, but I worry that women think I’m looking at their chests.”
“Just because anime women tend to have large bosoms doesn’t mean I’ll stare at women’s chests in the real world.”

“I avoid eye contact with men too, but they have neckties that I stare at instead.”
“Maybe otaku are really trying to see through women’s chests and into their hearts to understand what they’re saying.”
“My gaze drops down because I’m used to the text window being there.”

That last comment is actually one theory that’s been discussed online before, as anime-style video games and Japanese romance simulators usually include scenes with a close-up of a character facing the camera, above a text box revealing her spoken dialogue, which sits at chest-height.

Either way, whether it’s because they’re used to reading dialogue in anime-style text boxes, or whether they simply want to avoid eye contact and don’t know where to look, otaku want us all to know that they’re not staring at our bosoms. Which is good news, seeing as that type of thing is best left to anime characters, who don’t seem to mind people gazing at their biggest, most impactful breasts.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso
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