Gift giving season is around the corner and what better way to wrap up the mounds of Moonie merchandise than with Sailor Moon cards, gift bags, decorative tape, and boxes? All the above andmore are available for order as part of Bandai’s fourth round of Sailor Moon paper goods. Let’s take a look.

Two types of formal cards, specifically to give to newlywed couples, are now available. The one on the left is a “Princess Serenity” print and the one on the right is covered in magic items from the series. Occasion neutral, but still cute, cards are also available.

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The next round of Sailor Moon pens features the transformation sticks from Sailor Moon R with each guardian’s transformation phrase written on the side. Sailor Moon‘s Cutie Moon Rod with her attack “Moon Princess Halation” is also written on the side.


The reimagined Moon Stick from Sailor Moon Crystal is also getting a pen version, along with postcards featuring artwork from the series, and stickers. There’s also decorative tape to wrap up your gifts.

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Bandai is starting to move into merchandise from the Sailor Moon S series, including magical item stickers and magnets and postcards with artwork that should look familiar to anyone who purchased Pioneer‘s Sailor Moon S DVD releases.

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There are some really pretty gift bag sets, gift boxes, “pen bags” (that would work as a cute clutch!), and large-size clips, too.

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Source: Comic Natalie

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