It has to be happy because of the rainbows and smiles.

I’ll never forget one of the strangest sights at the Tokyo office I worked at as an intern… which is saying a lot because plenty of weird stuff happened there.

It was a giant poster on the wall that said: “Let’s all try to go home before 10:00 at night!” At first I thought it was a joke, but after my first day there when I was the only one who left at 6:00 p.m. (already an hour later than I was scheduled), I realized that it was completely serious.

And it seems like the tradition of making it-seems-like-a-joke-but-we’re-actually-serious posters is being upheld. This photo from a poster at a Japanese company was posted by Japanese Twitter user @katokato after being featured on the Japanese website Nuwton.

“The Importance of a Forgiving Heart
‘Sorry I changed everything at the last minute the day before.’
‘That’s okay!'”

Haha… wait, they’re not serious, right? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the overbearing boss who requested all of the last-minute changes be the one forgiving his subordinate for not being able to do them all in time?

Unfortunately not. Rather than inspiring rainbows and smiles, all this poster seems to exude is crushing helplessness. Just do whatever those above you tell you to do, no matter how unreasonable, and you’ll be just fine!

Japanese Twitter made their own spins on the poster:

▼ This one is about as reasonable as the original:
“Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom.”

▼ Others tried to update the poster to be actually motivating.
“I’m not finished yet, but I will get it in on time!”
“That’s okay!”

▼ And others, well, took it in a different direction.
“Senpai?! What are you d-doing? Ahh, stop it!”

▼ One kind netizen put up the pictures with blank bubbles of varying sizes,
so that anyone could use them for maximum meme-ability.

Glad to see that the Japanese Internet shares our sentiments. It’s hard to imagine this kind of poster motivating anyone, but then again, there was that diet motivational CD that has anime girl voice actors calling you “fat” and “piggie,” so maybe they’re actually on to something….

Source: Twitter/@katokato via My Game News Flash, nuwton
Featured image: Twitter/@katokato