Model best known for her curvaceous hips has the camera on her chest in instructional video.

In any form of gambling, the system is designed so that the player will lose the majority of the time. That’s pretty much common knowledge, but it still doesn’t completely take the sting out of going to the track, placing a bet, and watching your horse finish out of the money.

Picking a winner is especially tough in Japan, where the average number of horses in each race is much larger than in the U.S. Thankfully, the Japan Racing Association has developed an innovative way for people to deal with the emotional distress of a losing bet. As part of a tie-up with New Japan-Pro-Wrestling, JRA has produced a number of browser games, and one prize players can win is the MST T-shirt, which is made of easy-to-tear fabric so that you can rip it off your chest in frustration even if you lack the brute strength of 110-kilogram (243-pound) Togi “Unchained Gorilla” Makabe.

As proof, also appearing in the video is far less muscular gravure model Yuka Kuramochi, one of the most prominently-featured models on gravure selfie site Jigadoribu.

Starting at the video’s 46-second mark, the 25-year-old Kuramochi demonstrates how to use the MST (Maketemo Sukatto T-shirt, or “Feel Refreshed Even After Losing T-shirt”) shirt. First, make sure no one is in close proximity to you. Next, let out a shout of frustration to blow off a little preliminary steam.

Then grab the shirt by the collar…

…and rip.

The flimsy fibers should quickly rupture, leaving your shirt as tattered as the losing betting slips you’ve also no doubt ripped in half. The video reminds wearers, however, that once they’ve converted their MST T-shirt into multiple pieces of disconnected cloth, it’s important to remember to properly place them in a trash receptacle.

If you’re interested in getting an MST T-shirt of your own, the JRA/New Japan Pro-Wrestling browser games can be found here. And if you just want to see Kuramochi tear off her top again…

…we’ve gone ahead and cued the video up for you.

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Source, images: YouTube/Umabi
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