Business up top, bedtime down below.  

Now that so many of us are working from home as we attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus, our everyday lives have changed somewhat. Instead of gossiping around the water cooler and stressing over the daily commute, we’re now choosing conference call backgrounds to hide our living quarters and hoping people won’t realise we’re wearing pyjama bottoms during our video conference calls.

But why stop at just pyjama bottoms? Japanese company whatever inc. thinks we can get away with wearing a full set of pyjamas while discussing business matters with the boss, and they’re here to prove it with their new Work From Home Jammies.

Designed by Akihiko Kimura, designer of fashion brand LOKITHO, the new pyjamas are all business up top, with a sensible, collared button-up shirt. From the chest and elbows down, however, it’s all about comfort, as the business shirt becomes a cosy sweater. So once you’ve got yourself positioned correctly in front of the camera, nobody will be able to tell that half of you is ready to go to sleep.

Adding a necktie to the outfit enhances the illusion of the business shirt. Just be careful not to raise your arms while on a video call, or else that would make for a very awkward conversation!

▼ The jammies are available in three colour variations: White Shirt x Grey Jersey, Pink Shirt x Black Jersey, and Blue Stripe Shirt x Dark Grey Jersey.

▼ The unisex tops can be purchased on their own for 9,000 yen (US$84.05) or with matching bottoms for maximum comfort, at 12,000 yen.

The WFH Jammies are currently being offered through Kickstarter, where the project has already surpassed its target goal of 200,000 yen by receiving over 596,000 yen in funds. And the garments aren’t just limited to Japan-based customers, as the company producing them says they’re able to send them worldwide, although at the moment that’s limited to countries where foreign parcels are currently being accepted.

The pyjamas are all handmade, meaning production will take a few weeks, so until you get your delivery feel free to do as Mr Sato does, and use an app to cover yourself in a suit while you attend your next video conference call in nothing but your fundoshi underwear.

Images: Kickstarter/whatever
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