Fans of the famously delicious fish salmon in Japan should grab your bibs because the Salmon Festival is rolling into IKEA stores all over the country. On this joyous occasion we may dine on 16 different kinds of salmon dishes.

Of course it wouldn’t be a festival if it weren’t all-you-can-eat as well, so IKEA is making that happen for the attractive price of only 999 yen (US$8.30) for a limited time.

The lineup, available at all IKEA stores in Japan, will contain sixteen salmon dishes such as Hot Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad, Najad Salmon & Potato Fritters, Smoked Salmon & Potato Pasta, Salmon Wraps, and two kinds of Salmon Pudding.

▼ Salmon Wraps

▼ Najad Salmon & Potato Fritters

▼ Salmon Pudding

As great as salmon is, it’s good to mix things up as well. So IKEA has added seven side dishes to the buffet as well. These include Cheese Pie, Cinamon Rolls, Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Ice Cream.

▼ Cheese Pie

▼ Swedish Meatballs

▼ The lingonberries look really good this season, especially since I’ve never seen a lingonberry before in my life.

If that wasn’t enough of a deal, IKEA will also give out coupons for 300 yen ($2.50) to anyone who orders the Salmon Festival buffet. They’re only good until 27 September, but should take a nice chunk off the price of your next Kryddig.

I hear you can pick up things like sofas and tables at IKEA as well. I have no idea why anyone would want to buy furniture at a seafood restaurant, but eh, to each their own.

Event information
Salmon Festival
Location: All IKEA locations in Japan
Hours: 11:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m. (last order at 7:30 p.m.)
Closing times may vary at some locations
Price: 999 yen
Time limit: 60 minutes

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Source: IKEA Japan via (Japanese)
Images: IKEA Japan