This is the most entertaining way to buy a Japanese manga comic!

As Japan’s mecca for all things manga and anime, Tokyo’s Akihabara district is always buzzing with new and exciting discoveries and events. Recently, the third Tech Book Fest was held in the area, drawing otaku from far and wide to check out books covering topics like IT, software, hardware and computer science.

In amongst all the books at the event were some interesting new products too, and one in particular that drew everyone’s attention was the Comic Cast receipt manga machine.

The compact machine prints out a four-panel manga comic strip in seconds, all at the push of a button. To see how it works, take a look at the short clip below.

After pressing the bright orange button at the top of the machine, the animated display comes to life, entertaining us with cute images of a girl saying, “I wonder what will come out?” as the manga is printed.

Then the manga appears from the machine, in the same way a receipt would be produced, only this one has a detailed four-panel cartoon strip printed on it!

Critics might simply see this as a printer with a fancy display, but we definitely wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one of these if we came across one. This type of machine opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for creators of dojinshi self-published works, as an easy way to promote their titles to new readers and make money through mass distribution at big events.

The machine is currently under development, with the makers looking for test users to trial the product. Applications to rent the Comic Cast Receipt Manga machine can be made here, so if you’re a fan of creating humorous manga strips to share on social media, this little baby can help you distribute your online artwork on a whole new level.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@tokyo_ff