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Donald Trump ate this double cheeseburger in Japan, so we do too

We try the Tokyo cheeseburger deemed worthy of being served to a burger-loving president.

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The hamburger Trump ate in Japan sells out as diners track down the presidential meal

This Tokyo small business owner is at the centre of attention after his signature burger was selected to be served to the President.

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Donald Trump meets Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen singer Piko Taro in Japan

Dreams came true last night when Piko Taro met the President of the United States.

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Trump blissfully unaware as Abe falls in bunker during their round of golf in Japan

Everyone feared there’d be a gaffe during the presidential visit, but this wasn’t what anyone was expecting.

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A look back at President Obama’s visit to Japan

President Obama made headlines during his visit to Japan, not for his diplomatic mission, but for his first order of business: dining at arguably the best sushi restaurant in the world. Greenpeace was angry about him consuming endangered bluefin tuna, but everyone else seemed to look upon his choice in Japanese dining experience favorably, many extremely jealous of the opportunity to consume expertly crafted sushi.

But aside from raising the hackles of environmental organizations and causing the world to crave raw fish,  President Obama also had some other unexpected influences on the country of Japan. From the invention of new hashtags to the accumulation of trash around Tokyo, let’s take a look back at the Obama Effect on Japan.

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