A tea ceremony for your private parts.

With ingenious free offers and unusual competitions, Japanese masturbatory goods maker Tenga is always on the lookout for new ways to stimulate the local market. Now they’ve come up with a brand new design for their Iroha range of women’s goods, and this one takes its inspiration from a rather unlikely product: the traditional tea whisk used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Called a chasen, the traditional tea whisk is usually made from bamboo, with curved ridges that help to froth up matcha powdered green tea. Now, the design is being used for another purpose entirely, in the form of a new range of vibrators called Iroha Zen.

According to Tenga, Iroha’s goal of providing a “gentle and comfortable self-pleasure experience” aligned perfectly with the calming, zen-like experience of a Japanese tea ceremony. This connection between onanism and traditional tea ceremonies is one that even features in their sensual ad for the new product.

We’re not sure whether we’ve got a hankering for a cup of green tea or a desire for something else now after watching that video, but we can’t deny that the product has a strange appeal. This is exactly what Tenga say they were going for, after they conducted a survey that revealed 63 percent of women had never used a pleasure item before. The Iroha Zen range was created to attract first-time users with its calm, gentle appeal.

▼ The waterproof vibrators come in three different “flavours”: Yuzu-cha (a Japanese citrus tea), matcha (powdered green tea), and hana-cha (flower tea).

▼ The modern twist on tradition is also reflected in the sleek, minimalist packaging.

The Iroha Zen vibrators will be available at the Tenga online store or at novelty shops around Japan (including the Don Quijote retail chain) for 2,800 yen (US$24.85) each from 23 November.

Source, images: Value Press