Everything you need to create your own Pokémon tea ceremony.

Pokémon goods in Japan never cease to amaze, but this latest collection from the franchise is one of the best we’ve seen, as it beautifully combines some of our favourite pocket monsters with a wide variety of green tea goods and accessories.

▼ The collection is called “喫茶チャデス” (“Kissa Chadeath”) which translates as Poltchageist Teahouse“.

The new range is based around the concept of a kissaten, or “kissa”, old-school teahouses, only here instead of people serving drinks, it’s Pokémon, with Poltchageist and Sinistcha — known in Japan as Chadeath and Yabasocha — playing starring roles, alongside star favourite Pikachu, and Grass-type Pokémon Rowlett, Hisuian Lilligant and Matcha Cream Alcremie, on hand to help as well.

There are a whopping 31 items for matcha-loving Pokémon fans to fall in love with, so let’s take a closer look at them below!

▼ Poké Ball Teapot (5,500 yen)

Because hot water served from a Poké Ball Teapot is bound to be magical.

▼ Wood Tray (2,750 yen)

This gorgeous tray is the perfect size for a sweet and a bowl of tea, although you’ll want to place them in a way that doesn’t obscure the beautiful Poltchageist Teahouse logo.

 Mini Fork Set (1,980 yen)

If you’re enjoying a sweet with your tea, this trio of dessert forks will add some elegance to the occasion.

▼ Zabuton Cushion (4,180 yen)

Zabuton are floor cushions used in traditional rooms with tatami mat flooring, and this one is like a work of art, depicting the magical teahouse with retro details like wood panelling, stained glass windows, and lamps that are signature features of a real-world kissaten.

▼ Tenugui Towel (1,430 yen)

Tenugui towels are useful for a lot of things, and this one can be used as a chakin, a cloth used by tea ceremony masters during the preparation of tea.

 Multi-pouch (1,760 yen)

These simple envelope-style pouches are traditionally used by tea ceremony guests to store kaishi, papers that sweets are placed on before they drink the ceremonial tea.

▼ Gamaguchi Purse (2,420 yen)

“Gamaguchi” (literally “toad’s mouth”) is the name used for oversized purses with clasps like these, and this one is beautifully adorned with green tea motifs and all six different Pokémon.

▼ Fan (2,200 yen)

Alongside the aforementioned pouch with papers, a fan is another essential item that guests should always bring to a tea ceremony. While the fan remains closed during the ceremony, usually placed in front of you to form a boundary between guests and server, you’ll be tempted to open this one up to admire it in all its glory.

▼ Acrylic Charm Collection with Stand (880 yen)

The matcha-themed character designs are so charming that you may just want to collect ’em all, and this set of six gives you the option to display them on a stand or use the attached ball chains to turn them into hanging accessories.

▼ Hair Clip (1,265 yen)

Tea ceremony guests often dress in their finest kimono or formal outfit for the occasion, and dainty green-coloured accessories like these will add extra elegance to your attire.

▼Earrings (1,430 yen)

Available in both pierced and non-pierced versions, these earrings let you wear Poltchageist in one ear and its evolved version in the other.

Tumbler with Lid (2,420 yen)

This tumbler is a more casual way to get your green tea fix, and take the taste of the teahouse with you wherever you go.

Next up, we have three of the most coveted items in the collection, and though they’re also some of the most expensive, they will definitely be worth it for their rareness and beauty.

Sinistcha Tea Bowl (5,280 yen)

Poltchageist famously evolves into Sinistcha when exposed to a Teacup, so this product, which looks just like the Teacup, is the perfect way to pay homage to the character. Hopefully sipping tea from this bowl will help us evolve into greater versions of ourselves as well.

▼ Poltchageist Tea Caddy (4,180 yen)

We’re in two minds about whether or not to purchase this particular product, lest we befall the fate that falls upon anyone who crosses it, as shown in this video introducing the character, which was produced less than a year ago.

▼ Outing Teahouse Set (14,300 yen)

This set contains the tea caddy and tea bowl, along with a whisk, which comes in its own pouch. The three-piece collection is bundled up in a drawstring bag, so you can take the Poltchageist tea ceremony to outdoor gatherings and friends’ houses.

While all of the above items are the main stars of the collection, there are still many more products to choose from.

▼ Matcha Langue de Chat (1,650 yen)

▼ Mini Stainless Steel Bottle (3,080 yen)

▼ Drawstring Bag (1,100 yen)

▼ Guest Towel (825 yen)

▼ Water-based Markers (1,100 yen)

▼ Sticker Set (770 yen)

▼ A4 Clear File (330 yen)

▼ A5 Ring Notebook (660 yen)

▼ Washi Tape (660 yen)

▼ Sticker Assortment (660 yen)

▼ Die-cut Sticky Notes (660 yen)

▼ Pull-lid Cutlery Combo (1,100 yen)

▼ Kaishi That Can Also be Used as Note Paper (660 yen)

▼ Water-absorbing Coaster  (1,100 yen)

▼ Furoshiki (2,420 yen)

This mammoth collection went on sale on 1 May at the Pokémon Center online store, and will be in actual Pokemon Center stores around Japan from 3 May. Currently, the Outing Teahouse Set and Sinistcha Tea Bowl are sold out online, so if you’d like to get your hands on them, you’ll want to get in early to line up with other matcha-loving Pokémon fans when stores open!

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