When we painted a car in permanent marker many asked; “What if it rained?” So, we did you one better.

A few days ago we retired the Mr. Sato Car by giving it a discount recoloring using only magic markers. After about two hours of coloring and 3,880 yen (US$35) of markers later, it was restored to your average run-of-the-mill $9 Mistubishi Minica.

Some comments pointed out that this paint job seemed awfully vulnerable to elements, particularly rain. It was a thought that occurred to us as well, so we sent our reporter Seiji Nakazawa to run some tests at a local car wash.

The markers used were oil-based, meaning they should be water-resistant, but how far could that resistance go? Seiji had very little faith in it and expected all of the black to peel away like Christmas morning wrapping paper, unleashing the frightening image of Gyaru Sato the moment it entered the automatic “Speedwash.”

On the other hand, if it does survive this power wash, then the magic marker paint job would definitely withstand whatever rainy day mother nature threw at it, and thus was well worth the price tag it came with.

Seiji felt tense as the Speedwash slowly engulfed it and began its cacophony of whirring and swishing.


▼ “Minica nooooo!”

When it finished Seiji lept out to survey the damage…

Only to find out that there was none. The entirety of the coloring was intact and not even faded. Those white spots on the side were a result of gaps from originally markering it in a single coat and not caused by the car wash.

Because Seiji doubted it would even withstand a slight cleaning, he gave the Minica a simple 700 yen ($6) “Shampoo Car Wash.” But since it passed with flying colors it was time to up the ante to a “Shampoo Car Wash + Foam Jet” for 1,000 yen ($9).


 ▼ “Go Minica! You can do it”

And… nothing! The car was exactly as it was before entering the deluxe wash.

Seiji glanced over at the banner which listed all of the options: “High Pressure Foam Glass Coating?”

GONK FUUUUU! “Alright Minica, you got this! Let’s go all the way!”

As the car emerged once again, this time from the 3,000 yen ($26) worth of washing and polishing, it was not only unharmed but looked especially shiny and now had an extra layer of coating against the environment.

Not that it needed it anyway. The Marker Car has shown that it’s more than strong enough to bear the elements as long as it doesn’t start raining paint-thinner, a possibility we can’t entirely rule out the way things are going these days.

In the end, it may not be the prettiest look the Minica has ever had, but considering these three washes cost almost as much as the car and its paint job put together, its reliability comes at a value you just can’t beat.

Photos: SoraNews24
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