Glamorous photos show her living the life of the beautiful (teeth) people.

So here’s a question: at what point does making a trip to the dentist pleasant become counterproductive to patents’ dental hygiene? Obviously, a welcoming atmosphere will encourage people to come in for regular checkups, but if going to the dentist becomes too enjoyable, might people start neglecting their responsibilities to consistently brush and floss, in hopes that problems will occur that require repeated visits for continuing treatment?

For example, we imagine many male patients who are attended to by Ningxuan Chen, a dental assistant working in Taiwan…

…would be willing to accept a cavity or two if it gave them an excuse to go back and see her again before their next regularly scheduled appointment.

Now, in all fairness, we have to point out that Chen does have perfectly pearly white teeth, and as such does a great job showcasing the benefits of conscientious dental hygiene.

As a matter of fact, she appears to be in such fine health that she’s able to fully enjoy an active, jet-setting active lifestyle, as her understandably popular Instagram account shows her living the good life in photos with a variety of swanky surroundings and beautiful backdrops.

Her most popular snapshots, though, seem to be the ones taken in her workplace, when she’s dressed not in skimpy swimwear or designer dresses, but in her work uniform.

▼ Although said uniform does have a rather short hemline.

As those of you with long memories might recall, this isn’t the first time a beautiful dental assistant from Taiwan has achieved Internet fame, and there might be a reason for the phenomenon. According to Taiwanese media organization ET Today, while you of course need to pass all sorts of tests to become a full-fledged dentist in Taiwan, there aren’t any certifications you have to obtain to become a dental assistant. Because of that, it’s not a job that requires years of specialized training in order to obtain, opening up the candidate pool to younger job seekers and giving an advantage to the well-groomed and good-looking, as in many jobs that require direct interaction with customers.

Still, the fact that Chen does work in the field means that she’s probably acutely aware of the importance of taking care of your teeth, and even if some patients are dying to see her again, hopefully the reward of seeing her smile at their following her advice is enough to keep them brushing.

Sources: Instagram/@n_nxd, ET Today
Featured image: Instagram/@n_nxd
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