A beer every day for four years comes with different outfits, settings and expressions.

If you’ve got good looks, a sense of humour and some bikini shots in your social media photo collection, it’s not difficult to get noticed online. However, when you’re a Japanese gravure idol competing for attention with the ample bosoms of stars like Jun Amaki and Saki Yanase, sometimes you need to go a step further to attract attention, and Mana Amano has found the perfect way to do this, simply with the help of beer.

Amano first appeared on Instagram back in November 2013, settling herself into a niche from the first day with the title “Beer Joshi“, or “Beer Girl“.


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As the “Beer Girl“, Amano began sharing videos of herself drinking beer every day. On day five, the camera angles became even more interesting…


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A year later, at beer 221, the camera angles continued to capture everyone’s interest.


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▼ Whether she’s dressed in a pair of devil horns…

▼ Showing a hint of cleavage…

▼ Or baring her skin in a bikini…


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Amano follows the same routine of gulping down a frothy beverage before letting out a squeal of delight.

Out of all the images in her collection, the photos of her in yukata summer kimono are some of her most popular.


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While her outfits change from day to day, her beer-drinking locations are different too. Here she can be seen enjoying a cold one at a sushi bar.

▼ Sometimes she likes to down one on the train…


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▼ Or at a yakiniku grilled meat restaurant…


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▼ Or at an onsen hot spring.


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In the spring of 2014, she drank beer number 152 under the cherry blossoms by Tokyo’s Meguro River.


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Though she’s usually pictured alone in her videos, on rare occasions Amano will share a special beer-drinking moment with people around her too.


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Beer lovers can enjoy spotting plenty of different beers in Amano’s videos. Here she drinks from a bottle of Hitachino Nest Beer from Japan.


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▼ And here she is in the office downing a can of Lucky Cat from Kyoto’s Kizakura Brewery.

Asahi Super Dry comes in limited-edition pink sakura design cans in spring.


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▼ And in autumn, beers come in all sorts of colourful autumn-leaf designs.

After four years of daily beer-drinking, Amano recently celebrated her 1,500th tipple with an extra raunchy shot for her loyal fans.

After passing this milestone, Amano still shows no signs of stopping her daily drinking habit, with videos appearing on her account every day. To show your support for the beer-loving bikini model, be sure to check her out on Instagram – with so many fascinating brews like matcha beer in Japan, there are still plenty more beverages for her to try!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Instagram/mana_amano