The impermanence of the animated character artwork is what makes it extra special.

Theme parks like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios are huge in Japan, not only in terms of size but also with their following. People eagerly travel from all around the country to visit these character-filled amusement parks, and with many making their first visit at a young age, fond childhood memories keep them coming back again for more year after year.

One of the many things that visitors love about these theme parks is the level of attention given to even the smallest of details. Recently, people have been raving about the Mickey-shaped egg yolks and soap foam found at Tokyo Disneyland, and now a new discovery, this time at Universal Studios Japan, is currently melting hearts and going viral online.

This short video, posted by Twitter user @a_cp3, shows a unique service at Universal Studios that’s aimed at surprising guests, particularly those celebrating birthdays with a visit to the park. Unsuspecting visitors can find themselves being the recipient of a beautiful message from staff workers who use nothing but a spray bottle filled with water to create amazing works of art.

Take a look at the clip here:

This ingenious way of making visitors feel special brought a smile to everyone’s faces online, quickly racking up over 400,000 likes in just a couple of days, and receiving comments like:

“This is wonderful!”
“They really know how to make people happy!”
“It would be great if all the staff could do this for every visitor!”
“This is fantastic spray art!”
“The sad thing about this is that it disappears! They should do it on a card somehow so visitors can take it home!”

Once this video appeared online, other Twitter users were quick to share their own photos and videos of similar art by theme park workers at USJ. This one shows a staff member creating an image of Snoopy for a crowd of adoring fans.

▼ And here he brings a couple of Minions to life.

The Minion birthday message appears again, along with some of the cast from Sesame Street wishing visitors a Merry Christmas.

▼ A Minion welcomes visitors to the park.

▼ Minions are one of the most popular choices for the sidewalk spray art.

It turns out it’s not just visitors to USJ who are being treated to these beautiful displays. At Tokyo Disneyland, a staff worker provides some commentary and adds some crowd participation to the mix while creating an image with a broom and a bucket of water.

With so many people chancing upon these impermanent artworks while they’re being made, you might be able to stumble upon one during your next visit to USJ or Tokyo Disneyland too. Here’s hoping they decide to add some more characters to their repertoire, especially at USJ where their Cool Japan collaboration includes series like Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@a_cp3