Theme park lets us know what kind of attraction it’ll be, when we can experience it, and what special Sailor Moon food we can look forward to.

Since 2015, Universal Studios Japan has been creating attractions based on hit anime and video game series as part of its Universal Cool Japan project. The specific partners change with each iteration, and for 2018 the Osaka theme park is going all out by collaborating with one of Japan’s most popular fictional franchises ever: magical girl anime/manga Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was announced as part of Universal Cool Japan 2018 back in September, but at the time USJ didn’t specify what sort of attraction the Sailor Senshi would be appearing in. Now, however, we know not only that information, but also when the attraction will open.

Officially called Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D, the attraction is a 4-D theater show, which in Japan refers to special effects such as wind, water, and light accompanying onscreen visuals (previous Universal Cool Japan iterations have included 4-D attractions for anime Evangelion and Attack on Titan). USJ is promising an emotionally moving attraction that recreates the world of Sailor Moon, features multiple Sailor Scouts, and shows off the series’ famous transformation scenes, but the best news is that Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D will feature a brand-new story line exclusive to the USJ attraction.

▼ Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D logo

To celebrate Sailor Moon’s first-ever theme park attraction, USJ is also rolling out a special menu of Sailor Moon food and drink, consisting of the Sailor Moon Cafe Plate (with a crescent moon-like croissant, naturally), Sailor Moon Compact Cake Strawberry Rare Cheese (modeled on the heroine’s Transformation Brooch), Moon Prism Power Cake Berry and Pistachio and Pineapple Cake, and Sailor Moon Strawberry and Lemon Soda (served in a special costumed cup).

Visitors will also have a chance to pose for photos while wielding the weaponry of the five Inner Sailor Senshi (Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus) at the in-park Wonder Pics photo studio, which will also be offering special Sailor Moon frames.

The Sailor Moon food and photos will be available from January 19, which is also opening day for Universal Studios Japan’s Final Fantasy VR roller coaster.

The wait for Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D will be a little longer, with the attraction scheduled to open on March 16 and run until June 24.

Source: PR Times
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