Experience the permeating heat of battle, the chilly atmosphere of a horror game, and many more.

Ever since Koei Tecmo introduced “girl smells” to the Dead or Alive franchise, the world of virtual reality as we know it just got weirder.

And now the game center specialist company Koei Tecmo Wave has taken that virtual reality experience and expanded it to include a bunch of other games using a revolutionary gaming hardware: the VR Sense.

▼ Large enough to house an adult,
it promises to deliver an adventure like no other.

A headset in the capsule provides the visuals for the player, while the VR Sense itself produces an impressive array of sensory stimuli using mist, aromas, a vibrating 3-D seat, and temperature control functions.

The VR Sense comes in two flavors — Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Blue — and each comes equipped with three games that take full advantage of the pod’s features.

In the Sparkling Silver capsule, players can expect to face off against multiple foes and feel the heat of battle in Dynasty Warriors, or brave through rain and wind in horse racing game G1 Jockey Sense. Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense lets you play with girls of the series and even get a whiff of their scent upon approaching them.

▼ Sparkling Silver is a must-play for action game enthusiasts.

Sparkling Blue offers a more unique experience, allowing players to participate in a live concert in 3 Majesty x X.I.P. DREAM☆LIVE or slashing your way through burning buildings and enemies while riding a roller coaster in Cho Sengoku Coaster.

Sparkling Blue’s third spine-chilling game called Horror Sense The Daruma Doll Fell requires special mention, as it features the player trying to catch up with a ghost walking down a dimly-lit corridor. The air is cold and an unknown entity occasionally caresses the back of your head, which makes collecting items required to solve the ghost’s mystery all the more harrowing.

▼ Get inside Sparkling Blue for the experience of your (un)life.

While these VR Sense pods seem like stuff from the future, they’re actually already available in various game centers around Tokyo. Just follow the screams and you’ll be sure to find a Sparkling Blue capsule at the very least.

Hopefully this marks the start of a new gaming revolution, and it’s only a matter of time before the company install software that allow players to marry their VR bride. That would be a sight to see indeed.

Source, images: Koei Tecmo Wave