We had a lot of nice cake entries thi…Yamcha? YAAAMMMMCHAAAA!!!

Well, that’s another Christmas in the books. But I worry that many of us didn’t take this opportunity to remember a certain young guy with long hair and some wild ideas who gave his life as a savior of the world.

And in Episode 23 of Dragon Ball Z, not only did Yamcha sacrifice himself in defense of the Earth pretty much before the battle even got started, but he got wasted by a Saibaman of all things. If the Franklin Mint were ever to make a Dragon Ball Z chess set, it would be debatable whether a Saibaman would even be worthy of the pawn position.

In the ensuing cataclysmic battle for the fate of the Earth, Yamcha’s defeat was so underwhelmingly pathetic that it was embraced by the Internet and emulated several times, even by our own Mr. Sato.

This Christmas, Manga Bar in Kyoto decided to craft a Yamcha Christmas cake in honor of the man who died for us, and was resurrected, and died again…and then was resurrected again. He may have died once or twice more since then. I haven’t been keeping up on the new stuff.

The impact crater where Yamcha’s body lay was faithfully recreated with a dusting of brown powder; possibly brown sugar, cinnamon, or kinako. Also, off to the side is a sprig of broccoli to represent the claw of the Saibaman that blew itself up to kill Yamcha.

The delicious looking tribute received praise from around the world.

“Oh no. Yamcha was beaten by a piece of broccoli this time.”
“That Yamcha figure probably cost more than the entire cake.”
“That is fantastically done.”
“Next time I screw up a cake and it comes out all cracked, I know what to do.”

Yes, this cake has certainly raised the bar in terms of edible recreations of Yamcha’s infamous demise. However, considering the previous champ just tossed him on an apple pie, it wasn’t all that heavy a bar to raise.

Source: Twitter/@manga_bar, My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@manga_bar
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