Gachapin is, without a doubt, the country’s most badass mascot.

The second consecutive gold medal, won by Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu in the men’s singles figure skating, has earned him some very famous fans. Japan’s skill in the sport isn’t limited to only professionals, however, as even the country’s mascots show they have what it takes to twirl and spin gracefully on ice.

The green dinosaur mascot, Gachapin, who appeared on Fuji TV’s children’s program Hirake! Ponkikki, is a popular character among Japanese kids thanks to its friendly demeanor and sleepy-looking face. He looks really adorable, but kids who watch his past TV programs learn that Gachapin has a soft spot for winter sports.

▼ Ever seen a bucktoothed dinosaur on ice?

Gachapin takes a shot at figure skating in the video, but with deft movements and nimble twists like that, viewers quickly find out that he is more than your average mascot.

▼ A perfect routine eludes Gachapin…

▼ …But he nails it before long, complete with stunning axel jumps and fancy spins.

While we have a nagging suspicion that Gachapin is actually Hanyu in disguise, his skill in skiing proves that the green dinosaur is just really, really good at sports.

▼ Watch this monster race down a snowy slope.

▼ Did we mention that he’ll beat you at snowboarding?

▼ And wakeboarding too?

In fact, he’s so talented that he would bag gold medals in every category in the Mascot Olympics, if such a thing existed. Even though the official mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have already been announced, Gachapin will always remain as the mascot who can own us in just about everything.

Images: YouTube/Fuji TV Kids
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