Japanese kids’ show mascot busts out a juicy piano pop tune inside a subway station

Passersby were treated to the jazzy refrain of Kenshi Yonezu’s Lemon, as played by a gigantic mop-headed monster.

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Japanese weather presenter ad-libs through blooper, becomes Internet’s favourite girl 【Video】

Turns out it’s not the first time she’s used her charm to deal with an embarrassing live-to-air blunder.

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We recall the times when a famous Japanese mascot tried its hand at winter sports 【Video】

Gachapin is, without a doubt, the country’s most badass mascot.

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The Twitter Experiment II: How to Get Replies from Celebrities on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, we common folk get an unprecedented level of access to the celebrities previously could only gaze at from below. For example, how else but with Twitter could some guy call a multi-billionaire “baldy” directly?

Prominent Twitter researchers at Omocoro – who taught us that attaching clothes pins to your naked body can result in over 1,000 retweets – have developed secret ways to draw tweet replies out of  Japan’s entertainment elite.

Our story begins one January day in the Omocoro editor’s room…

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