Looks like this contestant needs a little more practice on the monkey bars.

Dogs will be loyal and cats will be…cats. Whether they’re sitting in funny posesbattling snowmen, or spiritually challenging Maru for the ultimate “If I fits, I sits” award, there’s something incredibly endearing about their strange behavior that keeps us hoomans coming back for more and more.

Japanese Twitter user @colt8888vr recently shared a video of his own pet feline, a beautiful female named Tama, in the midst of some of her own strange, acrobatic-like antics. In the clip she’s somehow managed to edge herself out to the middle of the door frame, a sight that every cat owner has probably witnessed in some form or other, which also leaves the impression that she’s busy training for the next season of Ninja Warrior. The video has garnered 105,000 likes as of this writing:

“It looks like she’s discovered a new game.”

The owner’s nonplussed attitude at Tama’s predicament is perhaps indicative that she has gotten herself into plenty of similar scrapes in the past. We can see from the other photos of her peppering his Twitter account that Tama seems to be quite the character:

She’s also very vocal in general:

Net users responded to the video with a variety of comments, with some laughing at Tama’s antics and others chiding the owner for not swooping in to rescue his pet right away:

“Is this a cat version of ‘Sasuke’?” [Sasuke is a Japanese sports competition TV series in which challengers use their athletic strength to clear progressively harder obstacle courses. The show formed the basis for the internationally syndicated show Ninja Warrior and spin-offs like American Ninja Warrior.]

“She’s got that look of a mischievous child who’s gotten herself into trouble.”

“He’s definitely thinking, ‘You got yourself into this mess, so you get yourself out.'”

“Don’t you hear those distress calls? Why are you still recording the video instead of helping her?”

In response to the worried viewers, @colt8888vr assured them that this is nothing out of the usual and that Tama was in no danger: “Do you see the top of the fridge in the video? My cat regularly and happily climbs up there on her own, and it’s even higher than this door frame,” implying that Tama regularly deals with getting down from such heights on her own just fine.

While we’re on the subject, maybe someone can pitch the idea for a cat version of Ninja Warrior to the show’s producers…just throwing it out there.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@colt8888vr