ninja cat

We recently learned about some ninja tools and techniques that made use of cats, but maybe cats are actually the original ninja. This picture is more than enough evidence to prove that this theory is spot-on.

Twitter user @karen_sheeta spotted her ninja-cat poised for attack, balancing impressively on two narrow ledges, with front legs spread.

▼  She writes, “Huh, cats can spread their front legs pretty far… get down yourself.”

Ninja-Cat’s owner may not be impressed with her stealthy feline, but netizens are having a grand time making puns, writing their own captions and asking the important questions. (For some of these, keep in mind that “nya” is the onomatopoeia associated with cats in Japan [aka “meow!”]):

“What an admirable nya-nja!”

“It’s like he’s saying: I could take your head off any moment, nya.”

“Instead of ninpou (ninja arts), it’s nyanpou!”

“Is he flashing everyone?”

“A ninja who quickly morphed into a cat!”

“The cat: Oh sh*t, I can’t get down from here!”

“Its nails are out full-force.”

“There’s a mouse under the bed!”

The nya-nja jokes are endless and the captions are funny, but a few commenters asked the critical question: “How did it get up there in the first place?” Only a ninja would know…

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter (@karen_sheeta)