The only thing that could be more freaky is seeing ghost people getting on and off of it.

There’s no shortage of spooky images and videos on the Internet, with a face floating in the curtains here, and mysterious bodiless legs there. But with digital editing software being as advanced as it is, it’s hard to say what’s real and what’s not. How do we know if the creepy hand on a lady’s leg is real or not? The answer is that we don’t, but we all secretly hope it is, because we love the little thrill of adrenaline it gives us.

But what’s freakier than a mysterious, shrouded human-like figure? Maybe a ghost train that can be clearly seen and heard arriving at a station? Netizens everywhere are getting a whole new level of chills with a new video showing just that from China. Watch as the ghostly shape of a train sporting bright headlights and a visible destination marker pulls up to the platform, complete with the clatter of the wheels on the tracks.

Fans of the paranormal have got to be pretty excited to see this. I mean, usually all you can see are fuzzy blurs that look like maybe they might be people, that zoom across the screen so fast that we can’t really tell, but here we have a whole train, moving slowly enough to be completely visible from beginning to end. Could it be a train picking up spirits to take them to the afterlife? Or could it be the Hogwarts Express (or the train for the equivalent Chinese school of wizardry), as some netizens suggested? One YouTube user even thought that it might have been a train arriving in an overlapping dimension. Hmm.

Most users were quick to dismiss the video, however, probably because they don’t believe in ghosts and don’t want to have any fun in their lives. Most users point out that you could easily replicate a video like this with digital editing software. Maybe they would be more convinced if there were suddenly ghost people streaming off the train, too? Now there’s a creepy thought.

Is it a trick of the light? A camera malfunction? A reflection? Or is it really a spooky ghost train, carrying its ghostly occupants off to their ghostly jobs? Who could say, but whether it’s a real ghost train or not, viewers can’t deny that as a video, it’s pretty spooky. Now, if it had happened in Doai, one of Japan’s creepiest stations, that might just be the be-all and end-all for haunted stations, and no one would ever go there again.

Source: Byoukan Sunday via My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/The Hidden Underbelly 2.0