Creepy ghost train caught on security footage in Chinese train station gives us all chills【Video】

The only thing that could be more freaky is seeing ghost people getting on and off of it.

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Five haunted places in India, as told by a local

For decades people have been trying to determine the existence of the supernatural. While science is inclined towards denying the actuality of subjects such as ghosts, psychic powers or celestial beings, I was taught at a young age that it’s better to believe in them than to not. After all, it’s undeniable that there have been spine-tingling events that science has yet to explain even to this today.

If your New Year’s resolution is to certify the existence or inexistence of supernatural spookies, to lead an exciting spook-busting lifestyle like Scooby-Doo and friends, or more simply, to visit an exotic Asian country, this list of haunted locations in India might just be the thing to get your plans started.

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Watch out for feline black magic — “supernatural” cat photographed!

Ask any cat lover and they’ll tell you cats just seem to have a mysterious magical power. Yes, it feels like you can fall under their spell simply by looking at them. And as cute as they are, cats certainly act like they know the power they have over us feeble humans, who are only too happy to be slaves to their charms.

But this particular cat whose picture has been attracting attention on the Internet, actually looks like he (or she, we unfortunately don’t know) could very well have supernatural powers — behold the “cat from the underworld” who looks like he has horns!

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