Nothing makes for a cosier interior than a lizard spitting out radioactive heat rays over you and your house guests.

Over the years Godzilla has taken on some pretty horrifying giant monster enemies, many of whom were intent on terrorising and destroying mankind. But until giant moths or three-headed dragons appear to punish us for our sins of greed and a lack of respect towards nature, we in the real world have other, though no less deadly, opponents, like dry skin. But now its reign of terror and slight itchiness is at an end, thanks to the Godzilla humidifier.

Unlike the original Godzilla costume, which incidentally was made using ready-mixed cement according to actor Haruo Nakajima, this pint-sized prehistoric sea creature is surprisingly cute, even as it sprays the inside of your room with glowing radioactive beams to a soundtrack of ominous music and snarls.

Unfortunately Godzilla doesn’t bring his own water with him as he emerges dripping from the ocean, so you have to fill the container, cunningly concealed in his back, yourself. The humidifier has two modes, with either a continuous mist erupting from between Godzilla’s jaws or a short burst upon request (or with a push on his back spines). Should the water in his internal reservoir get low, the sound of his stomping will play, presumably scaring the living daylights out of anyone nearby and sending them running away from the ocean, and to the sink.

▼ With special effects this impressive, it’s just like being in the cinema. In 1954, when the first film came out.

▼ Take care aridity, Godzilla is coming for you in this historic first.

The humidifier may set you back 7,538 yen (US$70) but since you can plug it in, you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out and letting dry air resume its pillaging of your homestead.

The company that have produced the Godzilla humidifier, Shine, are also behind another amazing piece of merchandise where the irradiated monster/saviour takes on your finances in a Godzilla piggy bank, meaning your house will ring day and night to lizard shrieks and roars. Unfortunately the video doesn’t tell you if you need to fight him to get your savings out when it’s next time to blow all your hard-earned cash on more Godzilla-themed miscellanea.

Hmmm, at least these two will give us our fix of Godzillarabilia until we can scrape together four and a half million yen for a six-foot tall statue to grace our office and hold our hats and coats.

Source: Shine via Otopal
Images: Youtube/株式会社シャイン