Luckily there’s still one way for grown-up Studio Ghibli anime fans to enjoy it.

Sometimes, Donguri Kyowakoku, the chain of shops filled with amazing Studio Ghibli anime merchandise, makes us think growing up might not be so bad. Sure, you might be too old to go on magical adventures like Hayao Miyazaki’s preteen protagonists, but you can still keep a connection to them with beautiful Ghibli character folding fans and elegant body mist fragrances.

And then there are times like this, when Donguri Kyowakoku makes us wish, with all our hearts, that we could be kids again.

Instead of a rocking horse, Donguri Kyowakoku offers a rocking Catbus, as in the feline transportation that appears in My Neighbor Totoro, as well as in the dreams of every Ghibli fan whose heart is filled with a bittersweet feeling every time they ride mundane, non-cat-based public transportation in the real world.

Donguri Kyowakoku says the polyester-covered Catbus’ seat is as soft as a stuffed animal, to provide maximum comfort for its rider.

Speaking of its materials, the frame being made of wood, not plastic, would make old-fashioned nature lover Miyazaki smile (inwardly, of course).

▼ Raise your hand if you never noticed those are mice on top of the Catbus.

Alas, the Catbus rocker is a mere 65 centimeters (25.6 inches) long, making it actually closer in size to the Kitten Bus seen in the sequel to Totoro. That means it’s too small for any Ghibli fan with grown-up-class leg length, body weight, or buttocks area. Instead it’s recommended for riders aged 1 to 4, though the company helpfully points out that while it’s too small for adults to ride, it is large enough to make a lovely/loveable interior accent that you can also pet if you feel like it.

The rocking Catbus is priced at 34,560 yen (US$320), and can be ordered here through Donguri Kyowakoku’s online shop.

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Source, images: Donguri Kywakoku

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