Beloved characters keep you company every day of the year.

At the start of a new year, stores sell all sorts of calendars, but none are quite like the ones you’ll find at Japanese retail chain Donguri Kyowakoku.

As the official stockist of official Studio Ghibli merchandise, Donguri Kyowakoku, which translates to “Acorn Republic” in English, has been bringing smiles to our faces with all sorts of cute products from the anime studio’s beloved films, and now they’re helping us celebrate 2020 with a new collection of perennial calendars.

First up in the range is the My Neighbour Totoro Ocarina Concert Calendar, which features star character Totoro playing an ocarina vessel flute with two smaller Totoro friends.

The grinning Catbus also makes an appearance, with hollowed-out areas in the tree trunk presenting the day and date beautifully, all for 3,800 yen (US$35.15).

The Spirited Away Riding the Ocean Railway Calendar perfectly captures the magical scene where Chihiro and No Face travel across the water by train in the iconic 2001 film.

This calendar, which retails for 3,800 yen, stylises the day and date blocks as boxes carried by the characters and stored in overhead luggage racks.

The Kiki’s Delivery Service Afternoon Store Clerk Calendar (4,500 yen) whisks us away to the world of Kiki, as she whiles away the time in her family bakery with black cat Jiji.

These perennial calendars tie into the ecologically minded focus on sustainability seen in many Studio Ghibli films, as they can be used again and again forever, unlike annual paper-based calendars.

On sale at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around Japan and online, these new calendars will brighten your workspace and let you spend time in the company of iconic anime characters every day of the year.

And when May rolls around, don’t forget that’s the time to visit the real-world house from My Neighbour Totoro, because May really is the month of Mei.

Source, images: PR Times
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